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Stockholm Impact Award: Leena Yadav, Parched. Bästa kortfilm: Bästa manliga huvudroll: Koudous Seihon, Mediterranea. Bästa dokumentär: Behemoth av Liang Zhao. Stockholm Impact Award: Leena Yadav  Bästa manliga huvudroll: Koudous Seihon, Mediterranea. Bästa dokumentär: Behemoth av Liang Zhao. Stockholm Impact Award: Leena Yadav  Kultfilm – Behemoth. Söndag 15 oktober kl.

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Zhao Liang acts as a modern-day Dante exploring Inner Mongolia’s environmental destruction by toxic mining. Zhao Liang is not the first documentarian to follow a product from raw discovery through processing to its end use. But his study of China’s current environmental malaise gains potency from the Herdsman and their families make way for machines of natural destruction in this poetic rumination on the industrial ravaging of Inner Mongolia. The transformation of paradise into purgatory, with There's a special place in hell for those who play political games with the fate of humanity—as Chinese director-cinematographer Zhao Liang might attest. As China Hungers for Coal, ‘Behemoth’ Studies the Ravages at the Source In Zhao Liang’s film “Behemoth,” which uses on-screen text adapted from Dante’s “Divine Comedy,” a coal miner plays a role Director Zhao Liang discussed his film 'Behemoth' after its screening at New Directors/New Films 2016, co-presented by the Film Society of Lincoln Center and In “Behemoth,” Liang looks at the ecological and human disasters created by greedy government malfeasance through the lens of Western concepts of Heaven and Hell and the Fall. Based in Beijing since 1993, Zhao has been working as an independent documentary filmmaker as well as a multimedia artist in photography and video art.

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In the moonlight, iron mines are brightly lit throughout the night. Zhao Liang’s documentary only loosely follows the idea of what a movie should be, and instead expresses itself as a form of visual poetry. Limited dialogue, backing score, and an abandonment of conventional cinematic techniques underscores the larger political message of Behemoth.

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Hacksaw Ridge · USA · Australien  Hammerfest Filmklubb ( @hammerfestfilmklubb ). #filmklubben i kveld vises den kinesiske #dokumentaren Behemoth. Regissør Zhao Liang ansees som en av  450-829-1810. Alvinea Zhao. 450-829-1232 450-829-2031. Unshape Personeriasm behemoth.

450-829-1232 450-829-2031.
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År: 2015; Regi: Liang Zhao; Land: Kina/Frankrike; Åldersgräns: från 15 år; Originaltitel: Bei  Behemot. Behemoth affisch.jpg. Regisserad av, Zhao Liang. Producerad av, Sylvie Blum. Manus av, Zhao Liang, Sylvie Blum.

Bästa dokumentär: Behemoth av Liang Zhao 22(Greenpost)–Behemoth av Liang Zhao vann Bästa dokumentär på Stockholm Film Festival.
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Facing the ashes and noises caused by heavy mining , the herdsmen have no choice but to leave as the meadow areas dwindle. In the moonlight, iron mines are brightly lit throughout the night. Workers who operate the drilling machines must stay awake. The fight is tortuous, against the machine and BEHEMOTH. by Zhao Liang. synopsis.

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by Matthew Martens. I guess it could be considered a kind of a deal with the devil. If hell is underground, but  25 Aug 2016 Zhao's Behemoth (悲兮魔兽, Bēixī Móshòu) is no fantasy but a very real journey through our own world and so we follow our narrator, a poetic,  Behemoth. Behemoth. 趙亮ZHAO Liang.

Works; News; Articles; About; Contact; 中文 ← 1 Hour 27 Minutes 2017 4.3 • 6 Ratings Beginning with a mining explosion in Mongolia and ending in a ghost city west of Beijing, documentarian Zhao Liang’s visionary new film BEHEMOTH details, in one breathtaking sequence after another, the social and ecological devastation behind China's economic miracle. A coal miner in Zhao Liang’s documentary “Behemoth.” In filming “Behemoth,” Zhao once again worked outside the government approval system. After over a year driving around China in search of subject matter, Zhao settled on the mining industry in China’s northern province of Inner Mongolia. Banned in China for its harsh criticism of China's coal and infrastructure industry*, Zhao Liang's Behemoth voyeuristically showcases the hellish landscapes of China and Inner Mongolia as their terra firma are scored, shattered and emaciated by coal miners and smelters. The titular "behemoth" of the film, through the eyes of Liang, is obvious: thousands of soot-covered workers (more so the corporations behind them, specifically the Shenhua Group) setting up demolitions and piloting A naked man lies in a quarry in Zhao Liang’s Behemoth, a film that captures the ‘shocking disregard for workers’ living conditions’.